this is where I’ve lived

26/18 Ben Dosa, Jaffa+ Amir, Nuri & Lucy till 9/7/17 (2013-today)

8 levandovski, TLV+ Gili & Lucy (2012-2013)

1 guzhikov, TLV+ Yotam &Lucy (2011-2012)

25 Ha’Arbel, Nazareth Elite + 16 other People (2008-2009)

40 Ha’Etzel, TLV+ Naama, Yel, Gili, Maayan & BArx2 (2007-2008)

46 Ha’Dekel, Tel-Mond+ Edva, Adva& Anat (2006-2007)

25 Ha’Kedma, Herzeliya+ my Family (1992-20066)

somewhere in CapeTown+ My Family (1989-1992)

4 Yiftah, Jerusalem+ My family (born (1987)-1989)


this is what i do.

i Suffer of a duel Identity. on one hand, I’m a visual artist.

In My Work I Create Multimedia Projects And Installations. I Am Drawn To The Interface Between Materials, Operating Systems And Images.


all though i come to learn you need to earn a living to call yourself anything...

therefor, i’m a florist.

top Favourite humans:


you might be surprised to know:

  • I have a thing with blue whales

  • I consider myself a feminist 

  • I would want to be vegan but don’t have the will

  • I’m bad at negotiating 

  • I gained two centimeters while being pregnant 

  • my parents have been sailing the world for the past 8 years

  • i really love cycling the city

my blue whale

my blue whale


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things I’ve learned Since becoming a mama:

  • my time passes faster then the rest of the world.

  • things change consistently. once you get the hang of it, it’s not Relevant anymore.

  • doing something new that i’m terrified of each day is good for you.

  • people feel the need to give advice all the time. (some more Useful then the other).

  • Surprisingly, Breast-feeding doesn’t come Naturally.

  • Womanhood

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