the lighthouse keepers, 2015-2016

The Lighthouse Keepers Is A Collaboration With Artist And Welder Elad Rimon. Exhibited first at 'NIGHT LIGHT'- Light Festival In South TLV, 2015. 4 Lighthouses Where Placed On Rooftops Of The Nighberhood Of Neve Sha'anan (south TLV) according to the cardinal directions. Bordering The Festival District While Flashing Simultaneously. while located on top of houses the Tenants Received the ancient role of the lighthouse keepers. neve sha'anan in known for its multi cultural and complexed community as it is home for many Refugees from various Countries. the lighthouses have a polar use- to warn of danger and to guide in to safe ports. at the festival they kept both functions.   

2015-12-26 16.51.54.jpg

midburn 2016

the lighthouses were exhibited for the second time at midburn festival, a burning-man israeli production held at The desert.  the Lighthouses were positioned According to the Cardinal Directions with a compass placed at the middle. each lighthouse was placed on a wooden stage and functioned as an intimate space for one Person at a time. in each lighthouse was a different audio work composed for it's direction.